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Eliminating Frozen Capital and Wholesale Loss
While at the same Increasing Gross Profit, Turn Time and ROI

Leveraging technology and consumer behavioral modeling to change the way dealers source pre-owned inventory.

Want to source more pre-owned directly from consumers?
No one in the industry is more focused on helping dealers acquire trade-ins and source inventory directly from the consumer.

Trade-In Valet is the first of a suite of revolutionary tools that will re-define the way auto dealers source pre-owned inventory.

If eliminating frozen capital and wholesale loss, while at the same increasing gross profit, turn time and ROI, are
important to you, contact us today! Through the use of innovative technology and consumer behavioral modeling,
Direct Hit Media’s tools are uniquely designed to help dealers of all sizes.

Our solutions are designed by Dealers, for Dealers, to address the core issues that every dealer faces on a daily basis.
These solutions are simply the most effective way to defend your market share, source better pre-owned inventory,
increase your sales and make consumers happy while you do it!

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