Direct Mail for Auto

This ain't Your Pops Direct Mail Snooze Fest 

You will love Our Mailers

80 percent of households still browse their advertising mail. Direct Hit Auto provides the most effective car dealership direct mail marketing campaigns that enable car dealerships to reach valuable prospects and customers, and win more business opportunities from those most likely to respond to your product or service.

A Positive R.O.I. Focused Turn-key Service

Creative Designs Tailored to Dealer & Manufacture Specs

Efficient Production and Fulfillment - Where possible we will help with Co-op approval

Customized Individual Variable Printing

Open Tracking and Purl landing pages for each propect


What Our Customers Say

Shane Melaugh

These mailers are great. People are bringing their little cards into the store :) So we know they are working. The personalized landing pages are a hit.

Sandra Michaels

Shane Melaugh

Between the mail piece you ran and the voicemails we managed to book 68 appointments so far. 4 sales and 3 trade-ins to date. Bravo

Pauline Thornton